Emma Lipkin

Emma completed her first yoga teacher training in 2010 and has been joyfully teaching since. Her adventures took her from Chicago, to New Hampshire, Boston, and finally Providence. She has found profound connection, love, and acceptance in every studio and community she has had the gift of teaching and practicing in. Her classes are strong and playful with a focus on alignment, integration, and reflection. Beyond practicing yoga, she loves walking, swimming in the ocean and quilting. She is passionate about creating a more radiant and peaceful world for her family and community.


Charlene Pratt

Charlene began practicing Hatha yoga and meditation in 2008 as a means for self-acceptance and Empowerment. Over the years, her asana practice has transformed her physical body (from a girl who couldn’t touch her toes or hold a plank to a woman who ... well, you’ll see). But more, yoga has transformed her anxious, self-deprecating, and depressive mental habits and has brought her peace, direction, and a sense of self-worth and belonging. Since receiving her original certification in Westerly, RI in 2014, Charlene has continued her yoga education in RI as well as both Hawai’i and Japan; and she will forever remain a student of yoga. Take Charlene’s classes to experience her loving compassion and uncover your own power.

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Liz Guardia

Liz believes that there are many gifts to be discovered through the practice of yoga beyond physical transformation. Her passion is to help people on the yogic path through self-inquiry, asana practice and meditation. Her teachings stem from the philosophy that the training of the body is the vehicle which leads to the training of the mind. Liz works with a lot of hands-on assist and thoughtful dharma teachings.

Liz is a 200 & 500 hr certified teacher. She has studied with Raffa Yoga and Fluid Yoga. Liz is a lover travel, adventure, food and fun! She loves to share this energy in her classes. The flows are intelligent, dynamic and robust.